Materials play a vital role in modern society. The quest for new materials, new processing technologies and new applications have never ceased in the past, nor in the future.  The international symposium on Materials, Manufacturing Processes and Devices (MMPD) series conferences are organized to provide an international forum for scientists, engineers and research students working on development of advanced materials, materials processing technologies and new applications to exchange the innovative ideas and discuss new findings and achievements in their work. The conference aims to establish networks and collaborative relationships. The first conference was held in Changzhou, China, in 2016. The 2nd symposium of MMPD will be organized by University of Auckland, a leading education and research institution in Australasia.

This symposium covers the following topics (but not limited to):

    • Advanced materials and manufacturing processes for structural applications;
    • Advanced materials and processing for functional applications;
    • Advanced biomaterials;
    • Advanced energy-related materials;
    • Advanced technologies for metallic, ceramic and polymeric materials;
  • Computational materials and simulations at various scales;
  • Development in new devices technologies.


University of Auckland


Southwest Jiao Tong University

Changzhou Institute of Technology

Jiangsu University of Science and Technology

Tsinghua University

Supported by:

Society of Materials New Zealand Inc.

Auckland UniServices

New Zealand-China Tripartite Programmme 2018

New Zealand Chinese Scientists Association